Our Mission
Our Mission

Vision Statement

Neat Ideas is dedicated to seeking out and providing genuine discounts and savings on products and services from Australia’s leading brands to people across the country.

We will maintain our reputation as the market leader of innovative and streamlined
end-to-end member benefit platforms and engagement solutions within Australia.

Mission Statement

As an organisation, we strive to:

Seek genuine discounts and savings in the benefits we provide to our clients and ultimately their members or employees.

Our efforts will ensure that through creative and innovative thinking, we will continue to be the market leader in employee and member benefit solutions.

Our aim is provide innovative means of delivering solutions that engage employees and members to stay loyal to an organisation.

We will consistently strive to improve processes, efficiencies and the means of delivery of the products we provide.

We measure the success of our clients through the awareness of their brand, membership retention and increased sales volume through their member benefits program.

To our employees we are committed to fostering and maintaining a rewarding environment in which we can accomplish this mission.

The future will see us build Neat Ideas and our clients’ member benefits programs, to focus on new products and a creative means of delivery, as well as continued and steady growth for their businesses as well as ours.

Our Partners

  • Event Cinemas
  • Ace Cinemas
  • Adventure World
  • Amart Sports
  • BCF
  • Grand Cinemas
  • Hoyts
  • Luna Palace
  • Movie World
  • Rays Outdoors
  • Rebel Sport
  • Rottnest Express
  • Sea World
  • Super Cheap Auto
  • Village Cinemas
  • Wet n Wild Gold Coast
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