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Neat Ideas, 30 years in the Making

Loyalty and trust in our business relationships and innovation through entrepreneurial spirit are and have always been the core drivers to the team’s success. The Neat Ideas we have come to know today is not far, in essence, from where it all began some 30 years ago with company directors John and Carol Beardsley. 

Clients who are still with Neat Ideas today believed in their vision some three decades ago and will remember John driving around Perth, personally delivering movie vouchers from one social club to the next. John quickly saw an opportunity to bulk purchase and on-sell vouchers, a concept which would appeal to anyone who wanted value for money entertainment in their downtime.

They will also remember John’s innovative publications that took a light-hearted look into social shenanigans, covering Perth’s premiere social events and explored the movers and shakers across corporate circles. Like big hair and the CBD Skyline, the mid 80’s encouraged huge growth in Perth.

John and Carol saw a space in the market to cater for social clubs across Perth. They sought discounts from suppliers and wholesaled products nationwide; travel, lifestyle and entertainment segments amongst others, which they on-sold to local social clubs. Together, they began running their own social club events, movie nights, corporate dinners and quiz nights which were extremely well attended.

What truly stood out to their ever growing portfolio of clients was their passion for fostering community and loyalty within the workplace, something that eventually lead to starting Neat Ideas a few years later.

Fast forward to 2015, with the many technological advances and the spirit of innovation well and truly engrained, Neat Ideas now has a team of professionals who deliver solutions that engage employees and members to stay loyal to an organisation or brand. Neat Ideas have expanded their wings in recent years to both individual and corporate customers across Australia and have a touch-point with over 5 million members through their multi-platform member benefits program.

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