About Neat Ideas

Investing in your most valuable asset, your people.
  • Experience

    Neat Ideas has been in the rewards & events industry for 30 years – this translates into the dedicated & knowledgeable service you receive

  • Reach

    Over 7 million members and employees have access to our rewards. All that data means we have better insight into what will work for you

  • Independence

    Neat Ideas isn’t attached to any one brand which means you aren’t pigeonholed by any brand limitations

The Neat Ideas Story

Thirty years ago, local Perth residents and now company directors John and Carol Beardsley saw an opportunity spring from a gap in the market for value driven, entertainment based rewards for local organisations. This saw the beginning of the national Neat Ideas we see today.

From humble beginnings and before the age of digital, John would hand deliver movie vouchers to social clubs across Perth and this progressed to sourcing the best discounts on travel, lifestyle and entertainment products to be passed onto some of the largest organisations in Australia. They also began to host events and the movie nights, corporate dinners and quiz nights which today have turned into some of WA’s largest carnivals.

Today, in its 30th year, Neat Ideas has transitioned to a digital organisation with a team of specialists whose priority is to continue to offer the rewards and products they are famous for via their fully integrated tech platform. Evolution in this organisation was inevitable as Neat Ideas strive to cater to the varied needs of their customers across Australia whose reach exceeds 7 million members & employees.


To become the market leader in employee & member benefit solutions with the widest & most customisable range of rewards Australia wide. The focus being on acquisition of new products and innovative streamlining of the delivery system.


To help organisations attract & retain employees and members through our fully customisable rewards platform and range of benefit solutions. Quite simply;

 Reward. Recognise. Engage


Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people.

– Steve Jobs


We believe that a strong team is one that values individual differences and not only managing them but using them to support and drive a successful work environment.  We welcome and embrace diversity within our team whether this be in the form of gender, age, cultural background, ethnicity, religious beliefs or sexual orientation.  The more diverse our team the better equipped we are to provide a business that truly supports all of Australia.

Without our skilled team of specialists, we wouldn’t be able to deliver the outcomes to our customers. At this stage, Neat Ideas is not looking to fill any positions, however we are always open to hearing from new people. If you feel as though you could be an asset to our organisation, please email us your resume and we will keep you on file for any future opportunities.