Health and Wellness Programs in the Workplace

Health and wellness programs in the workplace are becoming progressively popular in today’s health-conscious society, but do they really contribute to the overall wellness and happiness of employees? This is a question many large organizations are asking themselves as they fork out each year investing in these programs.

What is a Health and Wellness Program?

 A health and wellness program is the investment of funds and/or time into improving the overall health and wellness of employees. It is believed that by implementing such a program, an organization can maintain a healthier and happier labour force, ensuring their employees take minimal sick leave and are overall happier than they would be without it.

This can include the implementation of standing desks, access to discounted entertainment products & services, gym memberships and healthy eating programs. The most successful programs cater to their audience and offer a range of different products to suit varying tastes. According to recent studies in Australia, absenteeism costs around $7 billion each year. This figure is what health and wellness programs aim to improve.

The Proof: Unhealthy Workers Are Less Productive

A recent ComCare review revealed that healthy workers reported that their productivity levels were much higher than that of unhealthy/unhappy workers. These results were determined by assessing the absenteeism data to group the employees into ‘healthy’ and ‘unhealthy’ categories. It was found that the healthiest employees completed around 143 effective working hours each month, compared to the unhealthiest employees only completing around 49 effective working hours each month.

How can a Health and Wellness Program Help?

By implementing a health and wellness program, employees can be provided with the support they need stay happy and healthy. It’s recommended that some research be conducted before getting started. Talk to your team and ask what might help them feel happier and healthier in the workplace. It could be as simple as introducing healthier snacks in meetings or offering milk alternatives for tea and coffee. Alternatively, a more incremental sustainable change can be achieved by offering incentives and rewards that revolve around health – for both body and mind.

Prime Example

HBF are a great example of a company offering their valued members a successful health and wellness program with a wide range of offerings. Their members have access to a variety of free exercise classes and discounted gym memberships plus many more body healthy offerings. They can also purchase discounted movie tickets, ferry tickets and other various products and services which overall improve the happiness of the members.

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