The Internet never sleeps

The Internet never sleeps — and neither should your real-time engagement.

Particularly with the emergence of platforms such as Snapchat, consumers expect to be able to interact 24/7/365 with brands. When baked-goods chain Cinnabon joined Snapchat, it gained 2,000 followers in just two days.Real-time engagement is the biggest social media challenge for 51 percent of brands. But when done correctly, it lets brands to be relevant and capitalize on big cultural moments and trends. Engage with customers on social media, pay attention to trends, and use triggered emails and notifications to connect at opportune moments.

For example, consider the online buzz Pope Francis generated with his September 2015 visit to the U.S. Of the 1.8 million tweets generated in 24 hours, Fiat — the popemobile of choice — benefited most: Twenty-two percent of all Fiat’s digital-content engagement related to the pope that week.
Consumers’ desires for video, personalization, mobile, and real-time engagement are nothing new, nor is the importance of attribution modeling. However, while these approaches may be standard, the directions they’re taking are anything but.

By understanding these trends in the digital space, you’ll be better equipped in 2017 to break that fourth wall with consumers — without breaking the bank.

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