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Rewards for Employees

Rewarding employees for hard work and achievement is one of the top ways in which organisations improve retention rate and overall engagement. Improved employee retention is not only a money saver (recruitment can be a costly endeavour), but promotes loyalty within the organisation. This goes hand in hand with the engagement that ensures your employees are happy and producing their top work. This allows you as a business to focus on your core business practices and add to the overall value of your brand.

Rewards for Members

While rewarding your members is different to rewarding your employees, they have similar goals and results. Ensuring that your members are kept engaged to improve retention is very important. Providing a platform for members to access discounts on products & services could be the difference between your members staying loyal or swapping to a competitor. Statistics show that organisations with rewards programs see their members spending up to 300% more than organisations without.

Details create the big picture

– Sanford I. Weill


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