How Is Technology Helping The Rewards Space?

Technology is dramatically changing the face of HR functions. It is transforming how people work and thus demanding a fundamentally different HR strategy .In today’s day and age, technology has become the part and parcel of the workplace. The face of HR is often a portal these days, rather than a person. HR is becoming more automotive and evolving into a more technology based profession because organizations need to streamline HR processes. The e-revolution has given freedom to HR from administrative work to focus more on strategies to support the company business. The role of HR is undergoing a major transformation due to evolution of technology. The integration of technology in HR has not only made it a great source of efficiency and transparency but also helped companies to make strategic people decisions. Almost all the firms provide universal access to HR services through technology and web based applications these days to improve their services.  The ERP providers like SAP, Oracle, Workday and many more are providing integrated end-to-end HR suite. With the expanding workforce, leveraging technology has become the need of the day rather than just a tick in the box. Technology is playing a major role in employee rewards, recognition, incentives and engagement. The advent of tech-backed rewards help companies make sure that systems and procedures are maintained seamlessly for an effective delivery of employee value proposition.

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